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Important Security Information:
UM CAMS, is the gateway to many different UM sites not just the web site you requested.
Caution: Never enter your password on a web page unless that page's address bar points to casv.um.edu.my or unless you are establishing network connectivity.
Only authorized UM users are permitted to use and access the systems. If you are not an authorized user, do not login to this system. You agree not to use this system for any illegal purpose or to make any unauthorized use of this system or another party's intellectual property.

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If you have UMMail/Siswa Mail account problem, please call : 03-79676726 (UMMail System Administrator)

If you have CAMS page access problem, please call : 03-79676723 (Data Center)
If you have CAMS Wireless page access problem, please call : 03-79676789 (Network-Wireless)

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